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DBA 4000 tested on Rallysprint Series 2016 by


DBA 4000 tested on Rallysprint Series 2016 by

Rallysprint Series 2016

We compete in Rallysprint series Czech Republic with our Honda Civic Type-R EP3 Gr. N and we were quite lucky this year. No bigger technical issues crossed our way and little ones were managed on the go. While attending 4 competitions within those series, we managed to win all of them in our class 8 (Gr.N up to 2.0l).

Disc brakes DBA 4000 on our car proved to be highly performing under extreme conditions of braking during rally competitions. They cool better which make their braking performance together with Hawk brake pads constant and reliable. On the basis of our experience with other brake discs that sometimes cracked under such conditions, DBA brakes can withstand more mileage.

Matej Rehak