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Balkan Offroad Rallye 2016 by NRS Racing supported by DBA

Balkan Offroad Rallye

From 10-09 till 17-09 The Balkan Offroad Rallye took place in Bulgaria. Crossing Bulgaria from west to east, from the mountains to the plains, from the city centre of Sofia to Long Beach. More than 2000 kilometers of off-road racing through all types of terrain make the Balkan Offroad Rallye a special event!

NRS Racing participated with there T2 Mitsubishi Pajero equipped with DBA discs with the special vent design called Kangaroo Paw. After a nice trip driving from The Netherlands to Bulgaria the first 2 days where filled with Administrative and Technical Scrutineering. Without problems NRS Racing was ready for the ceremonial start at the square in Sofia. The first Specials where very technical, driving in the mountains up to 2000 meters. The car felt good and that resulted in a 23rd place on the first day. After a quick service in the bivouac the team was ready for day 2. A faster day with some really nice tracks over the plateaux. We where able to keep our 23rd position. The car felt good and the feeling is getting better and better.The DBA discs work great and and we had no problem with hot brakes or anything. For day 3 we had the goal the drive steady and keep pace so we could remain on our 23rd position. The day started really well with after the first 2 specials a 18th position. After arriving at our service point for a quick service on the car the team was stoked to proceed in this pace and climb some positions in the ranking. But then in the connection stage we heard a hard sound out off transfer case. We stopped the car and did a fast check on what was wrong. After some tests we finally found the problem. The chain in the transfer case was broken. We decided to see if we could bring the car back to the Bivouac. When we arrived there the mechanics did a really good job and they removed the gearbox in a speed record. When the damage was visible it was too big to repair not only the chains but also the gears were broken. So we had to decide to give up. We loved the event and we would like to thank the organisation and our sponsor DBA disc brakes for supporting us with great discs!

Nick Snippe