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NEWS - DBA Braking Ground In the Land of The Rising Sun


DBA Braking Ground In the Land of The Rising Sun

When it comes to vibrant Motorsport scenes, nowhere gets higher praise than Japan. This passion for motorsport has yielded many of the best tracks in the world, some of the best racing categories and star drivers including Kamui Kobayashi and the winner of this year’s Indy 500, Takuma Sato.

Japan is also known as the birth place of drifting.

With all this history and motorsport prestige, it should come as no surprise that DBA decided to step up their presence in the Japanese automotive market.

DBA has been pulling out all of the stops in its Japanese expansion, being recognised and used by many top level performance brands and tuners across the country.

Toyota Racing Development (TRD) has been a strong supporter of the brand since 2013, using DBA rotors as part of their upgraded braking packages for the hugely popular Toyota FT and GT86.

With dealerships across Japan offering this A Grade brake option under the TRD brand name, it is clear to see that the quality and performance of DBA rotors are favoured by some of the biggest players in the game.

The Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ models are hugely popular vehicles as a modification base. You only need to look to AVO Turboworld Japan, a company that relies on DBA brakes for stopping duties on their BRZ. For the past 4 years the AVO BRZ has competed in everything from Time Attack through to Endurance events at famous tracks including Fuji International Speedway and Tsukuba Circuit.

Although many aspects of the car have changed during the car’s transition, the one constant feature that has remained from the beginning is the use of DBA rotors.

DBA is also competing in the 8 Beat 86/BRZ racing series, with its famed Kangaroo Paw technology optimizing cooling of the disc and reliability of rotor performance. In fact, the uniquely named “Eyebrows Racing” team using DBA has taken out several class wins including the 2016 series title.

It’s not only Toyota’s finest enjoying the benefits of DBA products, with Japan’s top Volkswagen tuner “COX” preparing their cars for the Fuji 1 GP with DBA. The very popular 4 hour endurance race puts huge pressures on componentry, but the team can rest assured that their brakes will be up to the challenge.

With so many performance brands and tuners favouring the DBA package, it is only fitting that one of Japans most famous automotive creations, The Nissan Skyline GTR, is becoming a popular platform for DBA’s high tech performance brake upgrade. Midori Seibi Centre, one of the country’s legendary GTR tuners, has been using DBA rotors on the full breadth of Nissan’s powerhouses, from the R32 all the way to the current supercar decimating R35.

Not limited to Japanese makes, DBA T3 rotors have been used for the V6 Exige #2 Factory car in Japan’s Lotus Cup. Driven by a Super GT legend, the cup has been supported by DBA distributors since 2015.

For a high performance rotor to have such reliability and wide adoption, is a true credit to the design and manufacturing process and premium quality steel used in DBA rotor production.

DBA understands that the automotive passion is not limited to Australia, and with such a high quality and well respected fleet of braking products under our belt, we look forward to engaging with and sharing the benefits of DBA with tuners and enthusiasts all over Japan for years to come. For more information on DBA, head to