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Scott Sharp (Sharp Motorsport)

"Sharp Motorsport managed to fit DBA discs in a test day at the Oulton Park circuit. Prior to the test day some alterations to the cars geometry had been changed, also new DBA T3 - 4000 series discs were fitted to the front and the DBA T2 - Street series to the rear. From the start of the day lap times were looking good and mid-afternoon 1.5 seconds were knocked off previous lap times in the year, this meant the pace was 0.5 secs off the lap record! First impression of the new discs is very positive and after some fine tuning with the brake bias the team feel that they have defiantly contributed to reducing lap times"

Disc Brakes DBA 789EX-1383SP - Brake Kit (2 x DBA 789EX + DB1383SP)

  • Ideal for spirited driving with a 12 month Manufacturers Warranty
  • High quality, high performance to suit your requirements

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  • Diameter (mm): 330
  • Height (mm): 103
  • Thickness (mm): 18
  • Min. Thickness (mm): 16
  • Inner Diameter (mm): 110
  • Number of Holes: 5
  • PCD (mm):
  • Disc Vent: Kangaroo Paw
  • Axle: Rear
  • Annulus [MM]:
  • Air Gap [MM]:
  • Hole Diameter [MM]:
  • Weight (kg): 8.5
  • Height (mm): 45.1
  • Width (mm): 123.1
  • Pad Thickness (mm): 17.4
  • Beginning Operating Temp.:
  • Optional Temp. Range:
  • Max. Operating Temp.:
  • Torque Level:
  • FMSI: D773
  • Weight (kg): .9
  • Diameter (mm):
  • Height (mm):
  • Thickness (mm):
  • Min. Thickness (mm):
  • Inner Diameter (mm):
  • Number of Holes:
  • PCD (mm):
  • Disc Vent:
  • Width (mm):
  • Pad Thickness (mm):
  • Beginning Operating Temp.:
  • Optional Temp. Range:
  • Max. Operating Temp.:
  • Torque Level:
  • FMSI:
  • Annulus [MM]:
  • Air Gap [MM]:
  • Offset [MM]:
  • Hole Diameter [MM]:
  • Axle:
  • Total Set Weight (kg): 17.9
  • PDF: Technical Specifications (PDF)
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Features of the DBA disc brake DBA 789EX-1383SP - Brake Kit (2 x DBA 789EX + DB1383SP)
DBA’s New Brake kit of T2 Street series slotted rotors and Street Performance (SP) brake pads have been designed for drivers seeking improved braking performance over traditional O.E. brake discs and pads. DBA Street Performance brake pads are the next step up for all vehicles, developed to provide an effective friction response to pedal application and offer low wear and dust minimisation.

DBA recommend Street Performance brake pads and T2 discs for daily driver and performance vehicles, 4WD’s and SUV’s. They are also compatible with light commercial and trade vehicles.

  • Daily Driver Premium Brake Kit
  • Perfectly matching and extensively tested combination of disc and pad
  • Save 5% of the price when purchasing Combo
  • DBA discs: Kangaroo Paw - 144 diamond and tear drop pillar ventilation system
  • DBA discs: T2 slots - additional number of out-gassing exit points allows friction gasses to escape freely and enhance the pad bite
  • DBA pads: Semi-metallic friction material
  • DBA pads: F-F class friction (0.35 average mu from low to high temperatures)
  • DBA pads: Optimal braking consistency up to 438℃ (820℉)
  • Direct fit, no changes required over stock set up
  • One combo - one manufacturer = no warranty issues
AxleMakeModelEngine / YearBrake DicsBrake Pads
RearTOYOTALandcruiser4.2 TD (HDJ100) (2003-2008)DBA789SDB1383
RearTOYOTALandcruiser4.2 TD (HDJ100) (98-2007)DBA789SDB1383
RearTOYOTALandcruiser4.2 TD (HDJ101) (98-2007)DBA789SDB1383
RearTOYOTALandcruiser4.7 (UZJ100) (2003-2008)DBA789SDB1383
RearTOYOTALandcruiser4.7 (UZJ100) (98-2003)DBA789SDB1383

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