DBA Europe

DBA Europe is run by the DBA's official stockist and distributor for Europe - OZPARTS PL sp. z o.o. based on a long association with DBA Australia Pty Ltd.

DBA Australia

Over four decades of manufacturing experience and unsurpassed knowledge through research and development, DBA has positioned itself as Australia’s most awarded manufacturer and a global leader in brake rotors manufacturing.

With continuous improvements in engineering along with a thirst for innovation, DBA has managed to consistently redefine and deliver disc brakes solutions for an extensive range of vehicle applications and conditions. With brake discs, as with any safety component, there can be no short-cuts. Drivers worldwide demand DBA products for consistent, reliable and superior performance. DBA ensures this by engineering disc brakes that are far superior to generic and aftermarket counterparts. How? DBA sets the bar in quality, tolerances, premium metals and manufacturing equipment that delivers premium quality disc brake rotors.